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The 24 Hour Flu Fix

So, I caught the plague last week. Just kidding- but it seriously felt like it. I really never get sick, so when I do, my body goes haywire and I’m really not used to feeling so shitty. I used to have a legitimate fear of throwing up, so you can imagine how traumatizing the stomach flu was for me as a child. So I got the stomach “flu” which is actually a virus, last week and I was DETERMINED to get better ASAP. After recommendations from some very intelligent people in my life and some research, I was able to rid of my flu in less than 24 hours. Since then, a lot of people have reached out and expressed that they too, have the stomach flu! So I decided to write this to tell you my tips and tricks to feeling better. Remember, I am not a doctor or a “certified” anything, so this is just what worked for me specifically. A lot of people talk about eating a thinks like white bread, bananas, ginger ale, etc. It blows my mind when people still think this is going to help their gut when that’s essentially just consuming sugar which can actually make it so much worse.


Side note: I talk a lot about essential oils in helping to fight off the virus. Essential oils have truly changed my life and they are so extremely powerful. I get a discount on Young Living essential oils, which are the highest grade essential oil that I know of and is 100% pure oil. Send me a message if you’re interested in getting some oil; I would be happy to help you choose an oil that is right for you and order it at a discounted price for you!


First thing you need to know: The stomach flu is a virus, NOT a bacterial infection. This means that it cannot be treated with antibiotics, therefore, the doctor will not be able to do anything about it. This almost comforted me more because I refuse to go to the doctor either way, but it was more justified considering they couldn’t do anything anyways.


STEP ONE: Determine that it is the stomach flu.

You generally throw up for one of two reasons. Either you have food poisoning (a bad reaction to food) or you have the stomach virus. At first, I definitely thought I had food poisoning, but here’s how I figured out it was the flu. Here are some natural remedies for food poisoning (if these don’t work, then you know you have the flu). Slowly sip on an 8oz glass of water with apple cider vinegar and take some activated charcoal (I use the Bulletproof Coconut Charcoal pills). If you don’t start to feel better within the hour, or you end up feeling much more nauseous, you probably have a stomach virus.


STEP TWO: Use essential oils & rest.

Right after you throw up, and if you’ve tried the food poisoning remedy, leave your stomach alone. Lay in fetal position or whichever position feels best for you and try to fall asleep. It is recommended that you wait AT LEAST THREE HOURS after you get sick to try and consume anything. However, you still may be feeling horrible or in pain.


I recommend using a couple of essential oils in order to feel more comfortable and to fight the virus head on.

Diffuse an oil that you are drawn to. Every oil has the power to support your immune system, so pick one that you like smelling and diffuse it right next to where you are. Thieves essential oil specifically has been shown to really support the immune system and help fight off sickness whether it’s Lavender, Eucalyptus, Peppermint, etc.

Topically apply essential oil. You may be experiencing stomach cramps or headaches or just general body aches. Peppermint essential oil is my favorite oil to use in order to subside pain. I rub it on my temples, my lower stomach, my back, etc. It truly alleviates pain and leaves a cool, calming sensation. As far as relieving your stomach specifically, Ginger essential oil and Digize essential oil (by Young Living) are both wonderful to aid in digestion and to support your gut.



STEP THREE: If you haven’t thrown up for at least three hours, you may be able to start consuming some liquid.


It is very important that you don’t become dehydrated when you have the flu. I believe that these three drinks are absolutely essential to sip on or alternate sipping on after your stomach has had the chance to relax after being sick.


-Room temperature/warm water. If everything else sounds horrible to you, just start with water! I don’t recommend cold or ice water as it is hard on your digestive system. Try room temperature water, or even heated up water may be easier on the stomach.


-Ginger Tea. Ginger calms the stomach, and I drank so many cups of this when I was sick. It really did help me feel so much better and less nauseous throughout the day. I love the Yogi Ginger Tea.


-Oregano water. Not gonna lie to you guys, this doesn’t taste good. It is also an option to wait and take oil of oregano pills when you are able to stomach food. But, consuming the oil directly reaches your body much more quickly. Oil of oregano fights off sickness and is amazing for your immune system. I place two drops of the Young Living Oregano Vitality oil in a glass of warm water and sipped it very slowly.



STEP 4: Eat some food and pop some pills.


So, I don’t recommend doing this until at least six hours after you have been sick, and after you are able to stomach some liquids. Here is what I ate after being sick. I didn’t have a taste for anything meat or vegetable related, which is fine. If something doesn’t sound appetizing to you, don’t eat it. But I do recommend avoiding sugar, dairy, gluten and meats when you are sick.


-Gluten free toast with almond butter. I toasted up two slices of Canyon Bakehouse Cinnamon Raisin bread and topped it with a little bit of Maranatha almond butter. I was able to eat this super slowly. I found this at Whole Foods.


-Bone Broth: This is extremely important in supporting your gut, and in balancing out the sugar spike that you may get from any sort of toast or bread. I sipped on the Kettle and Fire Chicken Bone Broth. I also really like the Bonafide Provisions Bone Broth. These can both be found from Whole Foods.



If the food is going okay, I highly recommend taking some vitamins to support your immune system. Here’s what I took (not all at once, probably one or two every hour for about three hours or until I fell asleep)


Oil of Oregano: If you don’t want to consume the essential oil, take some oil of oregano capsules.


Vitamin C and Vitamin D: Both are very important in supporting your immune system/


Probiotics: Your gut just went through A LOT! Give it some support with some probiotic supplements.


Overall, make sure you have a support system! Being sick SUCKS, and in my opinion,you’re allowed to be a baby about it and make someone come take care of you. However, I can attest to the fact that it is HIGHLY contagious, so be careful. It’s also important to try to be as positive as possible and make sure that you have faith that it will be over soon! The stomach flu is a short lived virus whether you try these remedies or not; these will just hopefully make you feel more comfortable and hopefully shorten the lifespan of this nasty virus!

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