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Reishi Banana Chocolate Milkshake (Paleo)



Have I mentioned that I’m obsessed with the brand Rebbl !? I already posted a Strawberry Banana Ashwagandha Chai smoothie recipe with one of their products, but if you’re in the dessert kind of mood (which is like, always for me) you HAVE to try this milkshake recipe. It’s so easy and tastes amazing. I even gave it to my sister to taste test and she is the pickiest eater out there (she literally eats zero vegetables and only eats cheese pizza and mac n’ cheese). She said it was “actually really good” and then when I told her it had cauliflower in it, she freaked out.


The ingredients in this Protein Dark Chocolate drink are on point. It’s made with coconut milk and sweetened with coconut sugar (an unrefined, natural, paleo sugar), and superfoods such as maca.  The protein comes from plant based proteins only (sunflower and pea). The chocolatey taste comes from Cocoa Powder, it contains adaptogens (ashwagandha) and it even has Reishi in it which has a boat load of benefits.


Reishi mushrooms are an amazing superfood. One of the main benefits is improved immune system function. By improving the immune system, the reishi mushroom promotes longevity and can even prevent cancer cells from forming. Not only that, but it has also been discovered that Reishi mushrooms can eliminate cancer cells that are already formed in the body. Pretty awesome, right? Reishi also promotes neurological function and has been known to prevent diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Huntington’s disease. One of the last main benefits (there are many more) of Reishi is that it rejuvenates the liver. Perfect to drink after a rough night out at the bars (JK).


This drink also contains ashwagandha! An extremely powerful adaptogen. For more information about Ashwaganha, check out my Strawberry Banana Ashwagandha Chai smoothie recipe. It’s so amazing that Rebbl makes adaptogens, herbs, and mushrooms so accessible by incorporating them into their products.




2 large pieces frozen cauliflower

1/4 cup frozen dark cherries

1 small frozen banana

1/2 Rebbl Reishi Dark Chocolate Protein Drink

1 heaping tablespoon almond butter

*I use a very small, handheld blender to make my smoothies. If you have access to a larger blender, feel free to double the recipe!*


  • Combine all ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth
  • Add more Reishi Dark Chocolate Protein Rebbl Drink as necessary if fruit isn’t blending


  • Top with raw cacao nibs or unsweetened coconut flakes!
  • Drizzle with some more almond butter (you can never have enough!)