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Squash Berry-licous Smoothie Bowl (Cramp Reliever)

I recently got a question on my Advice page about period cramps, and I talked about the benefits of flax seeds in reducing period cramps. The easiest way to incorporate them into my diet is to throw them in my smoothies! For more cramp relieving tips, checkout my Advice page and look for the question about period cramps. I also used yellow squash as a base for the smoothie for the first time as recommended by my friend Amanda (brunettewithabudget) and I am obsessed. It makes the smoothie so thick and creamy. I use my all time favorite nut milk (and the only store bough brand of nut milk I will buy: Malk Organics) and top it with one of my favorite affordable Paleo products from Trader Joe’s. This smoothie is a must try.

Pure Pecan Milk from Malk Organics


1/3 cup frozen organic mixed berries

1/3 cup frozen organic yellow squash

large handful organic spinach

1/2 cup Malk Organics Pecan Milk

1 heaping tbsp ground flax seeds (it is important that you use ground flax rather than whole for better digestion and to better absorb the nutrients in the seeds)

*I use a very small, handheld blender to make my smoothies. If you have access to a larger blender, feel free to double the recipe!*


  • Combine all ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth
  • Add more Pecan Malk as necessary if fruit isn’t blending
Trader Joe’s Grainless Granola


  • Make it a smoothie bowl: top with the most affordable Paleo granola around: Grainless Granola from Trader Joe’s
  • To freeze the yellow squash: cut yellow squash into discs, and then each disc in half. Steam squash until moderately soft. Lay out steamed squash on on baking pan a couple inches apart from one another and place entire baking pan in freezer. After the veggies are completely frozen, remove them from baking pan and place in an airtight container, back in the freezer.
    • The reason for steaming them first is because they are much easier digested when cooked first. The reason for freezing them this way is so that they don’t stick or clump together in the freezer.