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Healthy Holiday Gift Guide

I don’t know about you, but I try to get all of my Christmas shopping done super early to avoid being stressed around the holidays, and I also LOVE online shopping! This year, I’m really trying to introduce healthy habits to my friends and family through some awesome gifts. All of the gifts on here aren’t just for health nuts, a lot of these gifts are just clever ideas to switch it up this holiday. Whether you’re spending $5 or hundreds of dollars, there’s something for everyone in this holiday gift guide!


For anyone:


Greeting Cards

I always appreciate a gift even more when I have a cute card to go along with it! Lucky for you, I’ve been really into making cute watercolor cards with all sorts of sayings. Whether you’re giving a Christmas card to your grandma, or want to remind your friend that they’re fucking awesome, I’ve got a card for you!  To place an order, checkout my new Etsy shop.


For the foodie:


Primal Kitchen Dressings


It may sound silly, but I’m sending salad dressings to everyone this year! My family and friends hear me talk about Primal Kitchen all the time, and the dressings can be used as a dressing or a marinade. They have different packages available: dressings in packs of 3, or total kits with dressings, mayo and avocado oil.


Bliss Bites


Want to surprise someone with a healthy holiday treat? Bliss bites are a perfect healthy, delicious treat to send to anyone! The health nut will be obsessed with the ingredients, and the health hater won’t even notice that they’re healthy! You can order a package with one of each flavor, or, you can mix and match your own box! Use my code below for 10% off your order!

10% off CODE (enter at checkout): SHAPEDUP10



Eat Chic Chocolates

What’s better than sending gourmet chocolate to someone with a sweet tooth? Nothing. Eat Chic has amazing, unique, healthy, vegan (paleo options) chocolate perfect for anyone. They have a ton of gift box or individual options on their site, so you can decide how much or little you wanna send!




Know someone who loves wine? VineBox is perfect! This subscription service sends three glasses of wine per month, right to your doorstep to try out! I was gifted this for my birthday and I’m so excited to sample all different kinds of wine! You can set even preferences for red or white wine!

Get $10 off HERE:



Gift Cards

I’m big on gift cards because they’re easy and extremely useful. Some of my favorite foods spots lately are: Whole Foods (because who doesn’t need groceries, and they have giftcards with adorable sayings on them), Bareburger (high quality burger joint with vegan, gluten-free and paleo options, hell yes) and True Food Kitchen (a healthy restaurant with an amazing food and drink menu, yes! Maybe they’ll even bring you along!)


For the music lover:


Concert tickets

Concert tickets are so fun to gift, because you can gift one to yourself as well! Surprising someone with tickets to see an artist that they love is an awesome gift! If you know they love an artist that you don’t love, you can always gift them two tickets and they can take another one of their friends. My favorite place to browse concerts is Songkick because it sifts through to match your preferences and searches concerts near you at all venues.


Record Player

Know someone that’s into vinyls, or wants to get into vinyls? Get them a cool record player! There’s a lot of different kinds out there, but I’m pretty into the Crosley record players which they sell at Urban Outfitters because they have all different sizes, prices, patterns and colors. You can also get them a vinyl to help them start their collection!


Vinyl Me Please

If you know someone already has a record player, you can help them grow their collection, in an awesome way. Vinyl Me Please is a record subscription service that I actually receive for my birthday! You can buy it for someone for a certain amount of months, and each month, they get an exclusively pressed LP, an original art print, and a custom cocktail pairing recipe! They can even “swap” the record for anyone they want for the month with an awesome selection that fits every music preference. After you buy it, you can even set the email notifying them that they’re signed up to any day that you want. So, you can have them send the person an email on Christmas Day letting them know the awesome gift you got them!

Get $10 off HERE:



Everyone needs a speaker these days, especially a bluetooth one. One of my favorite gifts I’ve given is a BOSE speaker. They have different kinds that are different colors and prices, but they’re very high quality sound and last for a long time.


For the health nut:



I’m all about educating people about health info. Whether they’re totally clueless or already totally into health, buying them a health related book is the move. Here are some that I have either heard are great, or have myself by amazingly intelligent authors.

The Paleo Solution, Robb Wolf (for the total health nerd)

Fat For Fuel, Dr. Joseph Mercola (for someone interesting in a ketogenic diet, written by the smartest human to ever walk this earth and my celebrity crush)

Head Strong, Dave Asprey (for the person that drinks Bulletproof coffee but doesn’t know why)


Stakich Superfoods

If someone loves making smoothies, get them some awesome powerful superfoods to throw on in there! Stakich is reasonably priced organic superfoods like bee pollen and spirulina. They also have awesome tinctures for those that are into holistic medicine!

15% off CODE (enter at checkout): SAM15
*if you use my code now through Dec 15, you will get automatically entered in a  drawing to win a huge gift basket of Stakich products!

For the people that inspire you:

More Books!

Again, back at it with the books. Whether you have found inspiration through certain people in your life, or you think someone needs a little extra inspiration, here are a couple books that I have found to be amazing and inspiring reads.


You Are A Badass, Jen Sicero (half self-help book, half so inspiring that you quit your job and start your own business book)

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck, Mark Manson (inspiring REAL, RAW, “tells it how it is” self-help book to start living a positive life)


For the Beauty Babe (or dude):


Franklin and Whitman

Introduce your friends and family to nontoxic beauty this holiday season with amazing, high quality products. If they’re into face masks or skin care, Franklin & Whitman is the place to go. I wrote a whole other blog post on my favorite products to buy from there, which you can find here. But, everything I have tried is truly amazing. The face masks with the face mask mixing bowl would be an adorable gift, or even the beard serum for any bearded men in your life.

20% off CODE (enter at checkout): SHAPEDUP



Again, introduce your friends and family to nontoxic beauty through makeup! Beautycounter is such an amazing company and they have the most amazing holiday gift sets that come with amazing adorable red packaging. The eyeshadow palette is a perfect gift along with the eye sets they have. Feel free to reach out to me if you need recommendations about which products to buy!

Shop with ME as your consultant using this link:


Diva Cup

The theme of this section is introducing people to healthier habits. Have a woman friend in your life that still uses toxic tampons or feminine care products? Get them a freaking diva period cup. I’m obsessed with mine, and this may not be something they go out of their way to buy for themselves, but they will definitely appreciate it!


Introduction to Wellness gifts:


HydroFlask Water Bottle

What a better way to introduce wellness than to encourage your loved one to drink more water? I just received a HydroFlask for my birthday, and let me tell you, I’m obsessed. Did you know you’re supposed to drink half your body weight in fluid oz everyday? There’s a fun fact you can write on a card to go along with a water bottle! I have a 32 oz one and it’s the perfect size for me. They have lots of options, and although on the pricey side, they’re totally durable and worth it. They even have food storage containers which work great for a safe way to microwave food in the workplace! 


Yoga Mat

Know someone who has been wanting to get into yoga, or loves yoga, but really needs a new mat? Get them a Yoga mat! The Lululemon travel mat is super light, $48, and non-slip. I love mine, and I’ll link it here. If you want to spend big bucks, I just was gifted the Alo yoga mat for my birthday and I’m literally in love. It’s heavyweight, non-slip, and it’s $100 . I will link that here.

Yoga Mat Holder


If you know someone that lugs their yoga mat back and forth between classes, they will serious appreciate a cross-body mat holder. It makes the yoga life so much easier. I have tried out two different brands and liked them both. The Lululemon mat strap is super simple, just one strap with two loops at the ends if you’re looking for something simple and lightweight. I will link that here. Manuka also has a very large selection of mat bags and carriers. I will link those here.


Essential Oil Necklace Diffuser

I don’t have a specific kind of suggest here because there are lots of different kinds of diffuser necklaces. It’s great for someone who is into oils to have their favorite scent underneath their nose everywhere they go. There are also essential oil diffuser bracelets available online. I suggest googling “Diffuser Necklace” to see what’s available and what you like best, or, I will link an article here showcasing some different kinds.


Essential Oil Diffuser

If someone who is into oils doesn’t have a diffuser, they need one! Or, if you want to introduce someone into the world of Essential Oils, now is the time. There are TONS of different diffusers out there, and I think it really depends on preference. Saje has some really cool diffusers, and so does ArtNaturals. I have not tried either of these though. The diffuser I have is from Ellia and I will link it here. It is small and easy to use; it is also on the cheaper side.


Essential Oils

Although you can buy oils from pretty much anywhere you get your diffusers, I get all of my oils from Young Living Essential Oils. I trust the quality of the oils 100% and they are very potent, and the Vitality Oils are safe for ingestion (you can cook with them/eat them). Some of my favorites are Lavender for relaxation, Peppermint for cramps and pains, and Frankincense for skin and balance. Those three have several used and are a great starter kit, however, if you think they would like a certain scent, the options are endless! If you want to shop through my good friend Jackie, follow this link to get all set up:


Blue Light Blockers

Know someone who’s on their computer all of the time or suffers from Insomnia? The blue light from electronic screens can be extremely harmful for our brains and eyes. Wearing blue light blockers blocks the blue light and helps keep us safe from the harmful rays. There are lot’s of different kinds and qualities, but I have linked one option here.

Have ideas for Christmas gifts!? Comment below. Happy Holidays & Happy shopping!!!!

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