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Who was I in high school? An interview with Maggie Henehan

Kicking off my interviewing series with a wonderful soul named Margaret Henehan. If anybody knew me in highschool, they knew Maggie. We were literally attached at the hip and acted exactly like sisters– the good and the bad.  Now, we live very different lives. At first, the thought of being without each other took a toll on our friendship, but now I’ve come to realize that living such different lives keeps us on our toes and we inspire each other. I thought it would be interesting to interview her and give you a sense of what I was like in high school because I was honestly the complete opposite person of who I am now. I think people have this misconception that I was always a healthy and well individual, and that couldn’t be farther from the truth. I choose to look back at who I was and laugh at those memories and cherish them. I want to show people that you CAN change, and being healthy and changing your lifestyle 180 is absolutely possible. I have showed myself that people really do change, and I am very proud of who both Maggie and I have become.



Let’s get to know Maggie!

Q: Tell everyone what school you go to and what you’re majoring in/what you hope to be doing after college!

Maggie: After high school I made the decision to go to Arizona State. Sammy was a huge part of this decision and even came with me to visit our senior year. She saw me fall in love with the school and assured me that even though our paths looked completely different, it was the best thing for me. Thank god she did because I absolutely love it! I am a Tourism Development and Management major and after I graduate I want to work as an event planner. Ideally I would like to plan large events like concerts or possibly relive my glory days working behind the scenes of dance competitions!


Q: Okay, what do you do in your free time (besides sleep) haha.

Maggie:  I do enjoy a good nap every once in awhile lol. I am very involved in greek life at school. I fill my time with sorority events and I am also a fraternity sweetheart so I help out with their events and projects as well. I also spend a lot of time at the gym. My favorite class to take is grind, a cardio dance class. I have recently gotten back into choreographing and I am working on a piece with one of my friends that I am really excited about. I also love to take advantage of the warm weather whenever I can and spend time outside relaxing or doing homework by the pool. Lastly, I am a sushi fanatic and you will find me at my favorite conveyer belt sushi restaurant pretty much any day of the week!


Q: Anything else you think people should know about you? Tell us a fun fact!

Maggie: In high school I shit on Sammy so hard for getting a lip tattoo but this past year I also got one…it says ΣΠ (shoutout to my boys)!


Okay, now let’s get into the nitty gritty bestfriend confidential information.


Q: How/When did we first meet?

Sammy:  I first met Maggie before freshman year even began when we both made the poms team. But we didn’t become friends until way later into the year. The first time we ever hung out is a whole other story. Maggie invited me to her house, and we honestly clicked right away. But then, when I was waiting for my Mom to pick me up, we were laying in Maggie’s bed and I kept dozing off! We were not at that level of comfort where it was okay for me to fall asleep at her house but I was so tired! She she let me sleep until my Mom got there and then awkwardly woke me up. We’ve been friends ever since.

Maggie: It’s true the first time I met Sammy officially was when we were on poms together. However, I didn’t get to know her until much later. When we started high school we ran in very different circles; Sammy was popular and seemed to have an endless amount of friends, I was more shy and felt invisible to everyone outside of my tight circle. However, one night after we had hung out a handful of times before, we decided to have a sleepover– the first of many. I consider that day to be the real beginning of our friendship as we know it. She opened up to me, leading me to realize she was not the person I had previously made her out to be, and she took the time to get to know the real me as well.  We both realized we had a lot more in common than we thought. I think that night, without having to say a word, she became my best friend.


Q: What did you think of the other person before we were friends:

Maggie: TBH I hated Sammy the first time we really interacted. We were put in the same routine at poms camp: Pom Level 2 to Rock the Casbah. For some reason we could not get the routine down so we were forced to stay after to practice the routine after everyone else got to leave and we took our frustration out on each other. We definitely were not each other’s biggest fans coming back from that weekend and I remember crying to my parents about how mean she was before we even got home. To this day, whenever Rock the Casbah comes on the radio we quickly turn it off!

Sammy: I hated Maggie too… I thought she was super annoying and I was actually really mean to her. She told her parents that I was a bitch. I could write a whole other novel about being on Poms with Maggie and specifically our experiences at Poms camp.


Me and Maggie at Poms camp, one year later, when we were actually friends.


Q: If other people were to describe the kind of person they were in high school, what would they say?

Sammy: loud, outgoing, social butterfly

Maggie: mature, creative, passionate but also a “savage” and pretty “social” (if you know what I mean)


Q: Favorite drunk memory with each other:

Sammy: Freshman year, I was at the LaGrange carnival with some friends and Maggie was there too. I was a bit intoxicated and didn’t have a ride home. A boy that I was talking to at the time, later referenced as “Dirty Mike” went up to Maggie and said, “Hey, you’re friends with Sammy, right?” and Maggie said, “Yes, kind of… Why.” (This is before we were anything close to best friends). He asked Maggie if she could drive me home, and when Maggie agreed and asked where I was, “Dirty Mike” pointed to me and I was in the middle of a circle of boys surrounding me, being the flirt that I was. Maggie was like… “oh great.” But she managed to have her dad drive me home anyway and got me home safely.

Maggie: Senior year when we were looking at colleges, we decided we wanted to take a trip to Mizzou to visit some of our friends that went there. We begged our parents to let us make the road trip ourselves and for some reason they agreed. On the way there, Sammy would not let me drive (even though we took my car) because she didn’t trust my driving ever since we took drivers ed together and I barely passed. After 8 hours in the car together we finally got there. The next night, we were determined to have a good time, so we took on our very first frat party together. Another thing you should know about me is I rarely ever drank in high school. So there we were at a frat house, overwhelmed by the amount of alcohol and naturally, we both blacked out. It was so bad that our friends had to separate us and each of them took us back to their respective dorm rooms. The next morning at 7 am, I woke up to a phone call from Sammy saying we needed to get on the road, and I have never been more hungover in my life. Shortly after we began the trip home, we were both so nauseous and sick. Sammy made it a couple hours before pulling into a Cracker Barrel parking lot and throwing up outside the car. After this, she finally let me take a turn driving. After stopping another time for Subway and Gatorade, we were chillin’ for the rest of the drive and rocking out to Taylor Swift. And that is the story of my very first hangover.


Q: Something that annoys you about the other person:

Sammy: She’s stubborn! One time, on New Year’s Eve, Maggie had just gotten her hair dyed. Well, there were some issues at the salon and Maggie’s hair turned out a bit… gray colored. She was PISSED. It was New Year’s Eve and I wanted to go out and party (per usual), but Maggie was not having it. She was screaming and crying in the bathroom and it was making me angry because I was just tryna get drunk.  Long story short, I literally sat in the bath tub with her and washed her hair with Dawn dish soap about five times. It didn’t really work, but I finally convinced her to put her hair in a ponytail and go out with me. 

Maggie: The people that were closest to us in high school knew that we had our fair share of fights. There was no question that Sammy knew absolutely everything about me, including what set me off. Something that really bothered me was when we got into an argument she knew how to hurt me and she used it to her advantage. One time, I asked Sammy to go to the Milky Chance concert with me because they were my favorite group at the time and I was dying to go. She agreed to go with and buy the tickets. The day of the concert we got into some silly argument and she said not only was she not going to the concert with me but I wasn’t going at all and the took another one of our friends instead. I was honestly devastated but there was nothing I could say or do to make her change her mind (She is also very stubborn). So I watched the concert through her snap story that night :(.  Sammy was quite the savage in high school, you did not want to mess with her!


Q: Other person’s “chip” order in high school? (We call Chipotle “chip”)

Sammy: White rice, carnitas, cheese and sour cream. If you wanted to see Maggie mad, just have them put too much sour cream in her burrito bowl.

Maggie: Burrito bowl, white rice, chicken, mild salsa, corn, lettuce, sour cream, cheese and guac!


Q: Other person’s alcohol of choice?

Sammy: Any sort of sugary wine… So, Barefoot Rose? We also enjoyed our fair share of UV Blue back in the day, until it made me throw-up.

Maggie: PATRON…the back story on this is that on New Year’s Eve when Sammy was black-out-drunk, she was going around the party yelling “Patron!” the entire night. She also drank Rolling Rock beer throughout the year that she kept in my closet so her mom wouldn’t find it.


Q: Other person’s favorite drunk food?

Maggie: Pizza rolls and Bob Evans mashed potatoes (I can’t imagine her eating either of these things now lol)

Sammy: Maggie usually cooperated with whatever I wanted to eat when I was drunk. Fun fact, me and Maggie went to THE Bob Evans restaurant on our way to Mizzou (the trip mentioned above) and we ordered four sides of mashed potatoes. We were let down because they were cold, so we decided to stick with the microwaveable store-bought version.


Q: Other person’s Favorite TV show?

Maggie: OTH duhhh. If there is one thing that got us through high school it was One Tree Hill. Anyone who was close to us will confirm that it was our bible!

Sammy: Yes! One Tree Hill. We have seen every season countless times and we know almost all the lines to the episodes. When we weren’t together, we would call each other and hit “play” to the episode at the same time so we could text each other during the show and try to beat each other by reciting the lines (over text). We were even planning to make a One Tree Hill blog! (coming soon?)


Q: Other person’s favorite song(s)?

Sammy: Don’t You Forget About Me (Remember that OTH episode where Brooke is dancing in Clothes Over Bros and Julian walks in… that song was playing!)

Maggie: Yes! This was definitely a song that was near and dear to both of us and one of our favorite scenes from the show. Another song that we sang many times driving around in the car was “For Good” from Wicked. Anyone who knows me knows I am a huge Wicked fanatic and I showed Sammy this song early in our friendship. It remained special to us because it very accurately describes the bond that we share.


Q: If the other person was any character from a movie or TV show, who would they be and why?

Sammy: Hayley James Scott (OTH reference). Hayley is so caring and kind of innocent during the show and that’s how Maggie kind of was in high school. She was the “nice friend” and was friendly to everyone. Side note: Me and Maggie actually met Bethany Joy Lenz, the actress that plays Hayley, and she was a total diva in person… biggest let down ever.

Maggie: The Brooke Davis. Brooke was a bit of a mess in high school and Sammy definitely had her fun and made mistakes that shaped her into the person she is today. Like Brooke with her fashion line, Sammy found her passion for health and wellness and it completely changed her life. I am so proud of the person she has become and honored to have been a part of it.



I Photoshopped mine and Maggie’s faces into Brooke and Hayley’s bodies in a scene from One Tree Hill. This was one of Maggie’s assignments for Digital Photo Art, but I did most of her homework for her.


Q: What was their dream job in high school?

Sammy: Event planner! We had this idea where Maggie would have her own event planning business and I would do all of the Graphic Design for it.

Maggie: Graphic Designer…she used to make me sit in the art room with her everyday during lunch senior year so that she could work on her “portfolio.”


Q: Celebrity Crush?

Sammy: Nathan Scott (One Tree Hill Reference)

Maggie: J Biebs (her phone password was BIEB… actually I’m pretty sure it still is)


Q: Are we “Eskimo Sisters?”

Sammy: We’re not exactly Eskimo Sisters, but we have “shared” a couple of boys. Regarding first boy we “shared,” Maggie actually never really got him, I kind of just stole him. Maggie told me that she liked him but he was in my math class, so I decided to go for him and we ended up dating for almost a year. Bitchy move on my part… but hey, he’s all yours now if you want him Mags. The second boy we shared was someone we liked to call “Dirty Mike,” and I actually don’t know where that nickname came from. Him and I had a thing for awhile and I’m pretty sure we dated for a short period of time. Well, Maggie thought it would be okay if she just disregarded the girl code and hooked up with him right after our thing ended. Not only that, but she didn’t even tell me! I heard it from someone else. I marched my ass over to her class during school and pulled her out of class to yell at her in the hallway. To this day I’m pretty sure he still tries to get with her.

Maggie: Well I had to even the playing field…lol jk! In my defense, days after Sammy and “Dirty Mike” ended things I started summer school and coincidently he was in my class. We became friends because not a whole lot of kids signed up for “foods and nutrition” in the summer at our school because it wasn’t air conditioned. He asked me if I wanted to hang out to “talk.” ‘Freshman year Maggie’ did not understand that “talk” was code for something entirely different; so yes we hooked up. I didn’t say anything because the 30 second makeout was definitely not worth rocking the boat in our friendship. Somehow, as everything does, it came out months later and I will never forget getting screamed at by Sammy in the middle of E hallway during 9th period. Luckily, by the end of the day we had gotten over it and were besties again. “Dirty Mike” has always been a touchy subject in our friendship and I will not confirm nor deny Sammy’s last statement but I will say that I have not seen him in years.(:



MAGGIE JUST REVEALED NEW INFORMATION ABOUT THIS SUBJECT TODAY (6 YEARS LATER) ! If this doesn’t explain our friendship, I don’t know what does.


Q: Does the other person have a “type?”

Sammy: Maggie always went for guys that were kind of just douchebags. She always deserved better than the guys she went for. She also has a thing for people that look like Nathan Scott (from OTH)… this is reference to a specific boy that kind of put Maggie through hell, but he definitely resembles Nathan Scott lol.

Maggie: I think that Sammy’s “type” has evolved as she has over the years. Although she tends to gravitate towards guys named James(;


Q: Random memory/memories you want to share:

Sammy: Going to California with Maggie was such an amazing experience.. Except for when I threatened to go home at least 5 times. But other than that, there were some good memories. We tried to order drinks at the pool from one of the maintenance people low-key, and when the waitress came back she asked for our ID’s, we wore sunglasses to look older. We said we left them in the room and then ran away and never came back to the pool.  Another memory from California and probably my favorite: we went to some random tattoo shop that I Googled online and decided to get matching world tattoos on our backs. Thank god the place was actually reputable and they turned out awesome. I feel like that trip really helped me discover who I was. I feel like us being together away from adults really helped us grow as people and helped us find out who we wanted to be. I will never forget that amazing trip with my bestfriend.

Maggie: Junior and senior year we had the opportunity to take dance instead of gym so of course we both signed up and ended up being put in the same class. We were attached at the hip since it was the only class we had together. Weth, our teacher, picked on us every day and attempted to separate us when he could, but he secretly loved us. The final for the class was to choreograph a routine. We could work with anyone we wanted, and had the option of choosing any style and song. Sammy and I decided we were just going to work with each other and basically just fucked around the entire 3 weeks he gave us to work on it in class. One day, I showed up to class and Sammy wasn’t there because she was on a field trip. I shit you not Weth looked directly at me and said he decided that instead of presenting the dances during the final period we would be presenting them the NEXT DAY since he had given us so much time to work on them. I texted Sammy right away letting her know we had one day to choose a song, choreograph our entire dance and come up with costumes for our performance that was basically worth our entire grade. So after school we quickly chose a song and got to work. We stayed up all night in Sammy’s basement and around 3 in the morning it started to feel like poms camp all over again. We were both exhausted and those of you who know Sammy know she is not a fun person to be around when she’s tired. We wrapped up the dance and decided to get a couple hours of sleep before school. So we show up to first period running on 2 hours of sleep max. We walk into the dance studio and WE HAD A SUBSTITUTE! I look over at Sammy and she was balling her eyes out. The sub asked me what was wrong with her and I explained the situation. Thankfully she wrote us a pass to the library so that we could finish all the homework we didn’t do because we were working on this dance. I honestly would not be surprised if Weth was just fucking with us but we clearly did not think it was funny. We did the dance the next day, luckily it turned out great and we both got an A!



Our matching world tattoos. We fought for awhile about whether or not they needed to be the exact same shape, but we have different tastes, and the meaning of the tattoo will always be important to both of us.


Q: Weirdest thing you’ve ever done for the other person?

Sammy: Well one time, Maggie decided it would be a good idea if I waxed her with those store bought wax strips. Let’s just say it was a bit of an uncomfortable situation and Maggie was literally crying and screaming considering she thinks it hurts to get your eyebrows plucked.

Maggie: I don’t know if i necessarily did any weird things for Sammy but definitely some crazy ones. Towards the beginning of our junior year, Sammy and her boyfriend at the time broke up. They were supposed to go to a festival called Riot Fest together but obviously those plans changed as well, so Sammy begged me to buy a ticket and go with her. I was not by any means a festival person. I hated crowds and wasn’t really into music but because she needed me, I bought a ticket and agreed to go. We were there for all of about 1 set and I honestly couldn’t even tell you who was playing but it was fun to be there with her and in return I made her promise me that we could ride the ferris wheel before we left. So essentially I spent $80 to hang out with Sammy and ride the ferris wheel and she still makes fun of me for it.


Q: People/things we share a love for:

Sammy: The TV show One Tree Hill… we’ve seen each season at least five times through, and don’t even get us started about how it’s getting taken off of Netflix. We are also both obsessed with my grandma who we call “Nams,” but who isn’t obsessed with her? If we’re talking high school, we were both obsessed with Red Vines. Maggie later revealed that she didn’t really like them that much, but she pretended to because I always wanted to buy them. True friend right there.

Maggie: I think that our love for dance was a really big part of our friendship in high school. It is what brought us together in the first place and some of my favorite memories are when we were dancing together. We also loved this Sushi restaurant in our home town called the Sushi House, we used to order it all the time. It got to the point where they recognized our voices on the phone and knew our order, so all they would have to ask is if we were at her address or mine for the delivery! I absolutely agree that Red Vines were a big staple in our friendship but I admit I have always been more of a Twizlers girl. Sorry Sam!


Q: Describe your relationship with their parents

Sammy: Well, Maggie’s dad is like my dad. In high school he literally introduced me as his daughter. He got me in trouble when I was out of line and helped me out whenever I needed it. He rocks. One time, me and Maggie decided we wanted to smoke weed… on her roof… while her dad was home. So, we did exactly that and, shocker, her dad walked in the room and was totally pissed, especially because we made her little sister participate. Her dad decided to take me home, but he didn’t even tell my parents! Instead, we had a heart to heart on the car ride home about my parents divorce. Her Mom on the other hand… is not a fan of me. She liked me at the very beginning, but then once she decided that I was a “bad influence” there was no going back. She even told Maggie that she had to stop hanging out with me a couple times before, but no way in hell that was stopping us.

Maggie: I will always consider Gina (Sammy’s mom) a second mom. She was always there for me throughout high school and would invite me along to every family party. She always made me feel comfortable at her house and just assumed that I would be staying for dinner or sleeping over. I am so grateful for everything that Gina has done for me over the years and lucky to have her. Another relationship that I will always cherish is my connection with Sammy’s grandma, Nams. From the first time I met her she made me feel like I was part of her family. Many times after school we would sit at the kitchen counter and talk for hours and she always made sure we ate, often offering us everything in the fridge. She was always there to support us at every school event, game or competition. However, what meant the most to me was that she made it clear to me that my relationship with her was completely separate from my friendship with Sammy. I am not sure if Sammy even knows this but even during periods where we “weren’t friends” Nams assured me that we would always be connected and I would always be considered part of the family.


Marty and his two daughters!


Q: If you could describe your friendship in one word what would you use?

Sammy: Rollercoaster

Maggie: DisFUNctional


Q: Best quality about each other:

Maggie: Sammy is the most driven person that I know. There is nothing that she can’t do when she sets her mind to it. She has always taken work very seriously and presents herself in a professional way which is something I really admire about her. I have always struggled with staying on top of my work and planning for the future so having her by my side really helped me to stay on track and inspired me to be better.

Sammy: The way that Maggie interacts and treats people is the way I want to be. She is such a kind person and is extremely outgoing. If you stick her in a room full of strangers, she will light up that room and become friends with every single person. She’s a people person and a social butterfly.  We balance each other out well. I also admire her ability to forgive. No matter what ever happened in our friendship, she was always there for me when I needed her. I remember one time after not talking for moths (because I was too caught up with my boyfriend at the time) I really needed her after me and that boyfriend broke up. I called her balling my eyes out and she answered the phone. The first thing I asked her was, “are we still bestfriends?” and she said, “yes, what’s wrong.” No matter how long we go without talking or no matter how bad of a fight we’re in, she never fails to be there for me.


Another picture of me and Maggie from our California trip!


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