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Non-Toxic Skin Care: Part Two (Must Have Products)

Welcome back to my mini series about non-toxic skincare! Now that I’ve explained why you should think about switching to non-toxic skincare, now I am going to share which specific companies I trust and my must have products. I am going to list a lot of products that I love, but not every single one is an absolute necessity. I will explain in the products description whether it’s truly a must have product or just something extra that is nice to have; because believe me, the struggle is real when it comes to being able to afford expensive skin care products. But, something I always say is that you pay now or you pay later. You can use your money on slightly more expensive products that are 100% clean and non-toxic, or you can buy the cheap products and pay for a bunch of tests and doctors trying to figure out why your hormones are so imbalanced, and also you may be “paying” by just feeling shitty and not even knowing it is being caused from your skin care products. I have done research on not only products, but the company themselves and I have also tried products from several different companies. At the end of the day, here are the companies and products I love and trust. All you have to do to view the product is click on the product name, and it will take you to the website of the company, right where the product is located.


Franklin and Whitman

One of the shirts from Franklin & Whitman expressing the beautiful and accurate message that we are perfectly imperfect. I choose to embrace my imperfections and I am proud to be: perfectly imperfect.

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This company is truly amazing. Not only are they the nicest people in the entire world (I am not just saying that, seriously) but their mission as a company is just incredible. All of their products are preservative and cruelty free, completely non-toxic, they all have less than ten ingredients, and 5% of every single sale goes to Dog Rescue Organizations. They also package their products in recycled cardboard, they use  100% biodegradable vegetable starch packing peanuts in their packages (they freaking melt in your sink) AND all of their containers are glass or BPA free (I have dropped one before… be careful!)


Arguably my favorite product from this company, the face serum has seriously subsided my breakouts. I’m not sure where the misconception that oil is bad for your skin came from, but even if your skin is “oily” it’s actually malnourished and needs more oils. I use this every single night before bed, after I have washed my face and I absolutely love it. It may seem expensive for a small bottle, but you only need one small pump per night and it really lasts awhile (unless you drop it and it goes all over the floor like I did). Definitley a must have product.


Let me be clear, all of the face masks from Frank & Whit are so amazing and unique in their own ways. This one is definitely one of my favorites just because it is best for sensitive skin, and it contains activated charcoal which I love (for everything) but especially for skin care. If you wanna get fancy, I highly recommend the Mask Bowl kit! It comes with a glass bowl, a mixing spoon, and an amazingly soft face brush. You DO have to mix your own masks so disclaimer: a little but goes a long way. You only need about a tsp of the face mask powder, and a VERY TINY amount of water. If you put too much, the mask is watery, and nobody wants that. Definitely a must have product.


Best. Makeup. Remover. Ever. Only two pumps of this stuff completely cleans my face of all face makeup, eye makeup and dirt. I usually use this after washing my face slightly in the shower, and I am amazed with how much more shit I had on my face that I wouldn’t have cleaned off otherwise. This also works on a Q-tip for eye makeup remover. You can get this and the Face Serum together in the Daily Face Care Kit for a discounted rate.



I cannot even begin to express how soft this product makes my face. My face has never really been smooth or soft, so that feeling is totally new to me. I love this scrub. You only need a tiny bit, and when you wash it off , your face smells freaking amazing and feels even better. Highly reccommended product for exfolicating your face.



Speaking of good smells, this body serum is insane. I use it after almost every shower all over my bod, and it makes it extremely smooth and silky. Also, if you like lemongrass this smell is insanely good. There are other scents as well if lemongrass isn’t your thing!

Side note: I truly love all of their products. Their hair serum is great for a heat protectant, their dry shampoo rocks. They even have a beard serum (Father’s Day gift!) and a Dog Balm! Since this post was just about skincare I stuck to that, but I highly recommend exploring all of their products.




BeautyCounter is a beautiful company with a beautiful mission: to get safer products in the hands of everybody. They have banned more than 1500 harmful chemicals and you can find them all on their “Never List.” They work to not only get their products into the hands of consumers, but to educate them on which harmful chemicals to avoid in their own daily lives.

Consultant link:

Although that link won’t get you a set discount at all times, it means you are shopping with me as your consultant which means you can ask me absolutely anything and everything about their products or any other advice you may need! Don’t hesitate to reach out.



Although this is a bar of soap, I am including it in my skincare routine because I use it both on my body and my skin. I keep it in the shower and use it every single time I shower. I use it to wash my body, I use it as “shaving cream” and I use it to wash my face in the shower. As I mentioned before, I love all things charcoal for skincare and the bar of soap actually lasts a very long time.

I store my bar in a handy little soap holder that I keep in my shower! It helps the bar last for longer.



This is my face wash! I use it every single night to wash my makeup off and wash my face in general. I keep the Bar in the shower to wash my face, and I use this on a nightly basis even if I do not shower.



This is my favorite face mask from BeautyCounter. Spoiler alert: it’s a charcoal mask! This mask is insanely popular; everyone that tries it becomes obsessed!



There are a couple different options when it comes to Sunscreen on BeautyCounter. There is a small face stick, a larger body stick, or an “All Over Sunscreen” which is more of a cream. I think it comes down to personal perference about how you like to put on your sunscreen. I don’t use a lot, so I honestly just use the facestick for my face and tattoos and then a tanning oil for the rest of my body. But, I do highly reccomend switching over to a non toxic suncreen. I talk ALL about how dangerous regular sunscreen is in Non Toxic Skin Care Part One.

Side Note: BeautyCounter has SO many products. I have not tried every single one, but the one’s I have tried, I have loved. I highly recommend exploring their site. I use almost all of their makeup, but I am saving those products for another post!


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