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NYC Photo Journal

If you’ve been following along on my stories or my Instagram, you definitely know I went to New York this past weekend! It was my first time in New York and I genuinely fell in love with it. The people I met, the excitement of the city, the amazing restaurants with amazing food, the workouts, and just the overall feel of the city. If you’re unaware, I am the intern for @chickpeainthecity! (Addie M). She is such an amazing “boss,” and I am so grateful for all of the amazing opportunities this internship has given me, including traveling to New York! I was debating for awhile about how to lay out this post, but I think that the photos will tell the story pretty well, and honestly, all of the days blurred together into one amazing experience! Enjoy, and if you haven’t been to New York, I highly highly recommend you travel there asap!



The food in New York was absolutely insane. It was every foodie’s dream! I found paleo options everywhere I went, but at some meals I decided to stray away from eating paleo. Although I strongly believe that paleo is a beneficial diet for anyone, and it’s what makes me feel best, I wanted to experience New York in it’s entirety, and that meant eating some gluten-free/dairy-free food items that weren’t necessarily grain free or refined sugar free. However, I will follow this up by saying that I was experiencing some IBS symptoms while on my trip which showed me that eating a less “strict” diet is not what works best for my body.


De Maria

This was the very first restaurant we ate at after arriving to New York and checking into our hotel!

All of their fresh produce was out in the open, like a mini farmer’s market!


My meal: coconut grains, pickled radish, squash, turmeric poached egg, heirloom beans, tarragon tahini. Definitely one of my favorite meals of the trip!



If this menu doesn’t blow your mind, I don’t know what would.


These are my mottos!


This is Rachel’s Lamb and Tabbouleh dish. I had it twice when I was in NY and it was amazing! I really got into lamb after this trip.
The immunity chicken bone broth was amazing. It had ginger, garlic, and vitamin C. Perfect for when I was feeling a little under the weather by the end of the trip!


It was my lucky day! Usually they only serve the soft serve in summer, but they brought it back for a day!


Dairy free and paleo coconut chai soft serve. It was super yummy!


While in New York, I discovered this Pilot Kombucha and became obsessed. It’s super low in sugar, and super delicious.


Me and my Instagram Willa, aka @thecitybeet, met up at Springbone for lunch! I absolutely love meeting friends from Instagram and I hope to hang with her next time I’m in NY!


The meals that Willa and I got. She got the root cellar salad and I got the grass-fed steak salad.

Cha Cha Matcha

During this trip, I got super into matcha because I don’t drink coffee. This matcha was insane. It’s an iced turmeric ginger matcha with hemp milk!


Adorable neon signs are apparently a thing in New York; they’re everywhere!


Hu Kitchen


These HU kitchen pillars are literally my bible.
I was so excited to come here because everything is Paleo; it’s literally the dream.


Although this kind of looks like a hot lunch, it was so freaking good. I got root vegetable mash, cauliflower mash, and caramelized pineapple!


Again, not the best looking meal, but so good! Paleo salmon cakes and paleo fish sticks.



Another one of my favorite meals: a kale broccoli salad with a poached egg, an avocado, and chile peppers. First of all, I greatly respect restaurants that give 1/2 an avocado rather than just a cube. They even topped it with oil!!! #healthyfats. About those chile peppers though… I thought they were red peppers and my mouth was on fire the entire time.


I think this gluten free banana bread speaks for itself.

Sunday in Brooklyn


We traveled to Brooklyn for a day and hit up all the yummy spots!


Addie (@chickpeainthecity), me, and Minna (@livingminnaly) all enjoyed a delicious lunch. Their bowls looked so yummy and I wish I would’ve gotten it TBH, but the blackened cod was super good!



Butler Bakeshop


Shoutout to Minna (@livingminnaly) for treating me to this mint matcha latte! So freaking good. We also saw fresh pastries come out of the oven that looked amazing!


Such cute decor! Just chillin’ with @chickpeainthecity.

The Butcher’s Daughter


This is actually the location that we didn’t eat at, but their patio is so dang cute!


I got some potatoes topped with poached eggs, and they literally gave me a pound of guac on the side. But hey, I’m not complaining.


Broken Coconut


We drove by this place in an uber on our way to our hotel and decided we had to come check it out on our last day!


I got a black rice bowl with romanesco to bring with me on the plane!


They had the coolest drinks! On the left is a charcoal lemonade, which I ended up buying, and the other is a blue majik drink with collagen in it! How cool is that!?



Funny story: I asked to use the bathroom, and after giving me a hesitant stare, they walked me to the back of the kitchen literally next to the stove and let me use the bathroom. Then, Addie asked to use the bathroom and they said no! So you better believe  I marched myself up there and demanded that they ask the manager because I had JUST used the bathroom. The manager ended up saying yes, you’re welcome Addie!

Jajaja Mexicana


There are no words to describe this taco. It’s a hemp and flax seed battered fish taco with squash, a chipotle almond butter sauce, pickled red onion, and guac. It was insane. I also tried a mushroom taco with mushrooms, cashew cheese, on a tomato beet homemade tortilla. I will forever be dreaming of these exotic tacos.


Our food was taking forever, so I asked if we could get some chips and guac. After they told us they were out of guac, they brought us cocktails on the house! In the front is a Matcha Coconut drink, and in the back is a Cilantro Mezcal cocktail with coconut cream.

Chalk Point Kitchen


The lighting in this restaurant sucked so I couldn’t get pictures of the food, but it was so freaking good. Chalk point kitchen is a high end farm to table restaurant. Addie and I split a cauliflower flatbread with vegan ricotta, a rack of lamb (I still dream about it now), and roasted carrots.


Jules Bistro

My dad was coincidentally in New York at the same time as I was, and he took me to a Fresh restaurant/bar called Jules Bistro. There was live jazz music and I absolutely loved spending time with family in a foreign place. They had an amazing Moscow Mule that I drank half of and then proceeded to spill the rest all over my dads pants… sorry dad!

Eat Chic Chocolates


Addie and I saw these chocolate everywhere in New York! This display is in a store called Good Goods. We were lucky enough to meet up with the creator of Eat Chic Chocolates, Lotta, and got to sample them!


There are so many different kinds! They’re all vegan, some are filled with almond butter, tahini, and a bunch of other fun fillings. The one’s that are open in the front are paleo; they are sweetened with coconut sugar! Literally the dream.

Dr. Smood


I love restaurants whose dietary philosophies align with my own. This huge “juice bar” had amazing smoothies, drinks, and paleo snacks.


Addie and I both got Spirulina Ginger shots, and they honestly tastes really good!

Koku’s at Smorgasburg


If you’re unfamiliar with Smorgasburg, it’s like the Taste of Chicago, but slightly smaller, and happens every Saturday! We got to go to the last one of the summer. Although we almost blew away, it was fun!


This is literally the freaking dream. This chocolate “ice cream” is made from coconuts and it free of anything artificial, including sugar. The flowers are edible, and that chocolate “sauce” is actually paleo and infused with CBD oil. Koku’s needs to come to Chicago!

Van Leeuwen


More ice cream! This adorable ice cream truck serves vegan mint chip ice cream that was on point!



I was so excited to do some yoga when in New York. If you’re unfamiliar with Y7, it’s a yoga chain that has hot yoga classes with rap music playing in the background!


It was unlike anything I ever experienced before! I mean, they played everything from Kanye to J.cole, and it was so much fun!


Talk about sweaty.. this was before the class and I was dripping sweat afterwards!


Loving all these puns!





Addie and I took a Soulcycle class from the wonderful Jera, (@jera.bean) and it was an awesome class. New York has the brand new bikes! They’re much smoother to ride on, but the resistance was harder (in my opinion).

Modo Yoga


Another yoga studio we decided to check out was Modo Yoga!


I totally agree with their “pillars” and the class was awesome. It was, however, extremely freaking hot and did not involve rap music.


I didn’t have a chance to try these, but how cool is it that they have little energy bites at the desk! Also, didn’t know that man was in the background, but that was our teacher, lol.


I did have a chance to try the tea and i was super yummy and soothing!




You’re probably thinking.. okay another typical plane picture. But, I thought it was really awesome that I got to see the sunRISE on the way into New York, and the sunSET on my way back to Chicago.


Typical buildings in New York photo!


Daytime view from our hotel (Hotel Arlo Nomad) rooftop.


Nighttime view from our hotel (Hotel Arlo Nomad) rooftop.


They had a see through floor! I do not like heights, but had to do it for the photo!


Just head standing around on the rooftop!


We stopped into a place called “Chillhouse.” They have coffee, snacks, and awesome services in the back including mani-pedis and massages. I didn’t have time to “chill” but that’s definitely on my list next time I go.


Just chillin’ at Chillhouse.


We went into one store that had a bunch of different vendors set up inside. This was one of the stands.


Yes, one of them does indeed say “chickens”


To be honest, I forgot which coffee shop this was, but I thought this concept was pretty cool. It’s like Tinder, but in real life!


A cool coffee shop we went into where their motto was, “cozy as fuck.”


Random cute restaurant across from our hotel.


A cool little wall outside of a Madewell store. Addie spilled ice cream on her white Madewell shirt, so she went in and got another in a different color!


Love this wall in a Saje Essential Oils store. They had an overwhelming amount of oils and diffusers!


Adorable plant shop in Brooklyn, except this is only a very tiny wall- the store was huge!


Found these awesome beads in the Good Goods store. I chose the beads that  I gravitated towards most. Lapis Lazuli, and it ended up aligning with exactly what I need more of in my life.



If you made it all the way to the end, congratulations! This trip honestly opened my eyes and helped me establish such a positive outlook on life. I can confidently say that this trip was a milestone in my life that will contribute to how I choose to move through life going forward.

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