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Doing Valentine’s Day Without a Valentine

Happy “Galentine’s Day” to all my gal pals out there! I will personally be celebrating “Galentine’s Day” both today and tomorrow since I currently do not have a significant other in my life. It’s super interesting for me to be single on this day! The last time I was single for V-Day was in seventh grade. I broke up with my boyfriend the day before Valentine’s Day… and then he still gave me a box of chocolates. What a weird time. But yes, every year from seventh grade until now, I have been in a semi-serious relationship. 

I personally am excited to spend this day in a new way! Whether you are a V-Day hater, just got out of a relationship, have a partner that lives out of town, or you’re a single V-Day lover, here are some ideas for how to spend this day! I think we can all agree that love, in any capacity, is a positive and wonderful emotion. Whatever you choose to do, celebrate the people in your life that you give and receive love from!


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Things to do:


  1. Go out on the town

It’s like Tinder, but in real life! Choose your favorite bar, grab a gal pal, and go celebrate this season of your life where you get to be single and do whatever the f**k you want!


  1. Stay in and do something that brings you joy

Channel your creativity, maybe use any pain or sadness you are feeling to create something in the outlet of your choice. 


  1. Go to therapy

This is one of my plans for the morning of V-Day. If you’re coming out of a recent relationship, or this holiday feels triggering in any way, why not talk it out to someone who will listen and offer useful insight so that you can make your best version of the day!?


  1. Take care of your physical body

After therapy, I am planning to head to acupuncture and then to my first visit to the chiropractor. These are both things that I have been wanting to schedule for the past couple of weeks, so why not choose a day about love to show love to my body!?


  1. Masturbate:

Valentine’s Day can be about love, and it can also be about sex! Set up a bath, maybe some sexy music, sage your vagina, use some yoni crystals and show yourself some love. You deserve it! There’s an amazing episode about “Embracing  Your Sexuality” and digging into “what really turns you on” on IGNTD with the beautiful Alexandra Roxo.


  1. Watch “Valentine’s Day” and order takeout

I’m a sucker for themed movies. I watched “New Year’s Eve” on New Years Eve; it just feels right. Valentine’s Day is one of those movies where everyone in interconnected in the movie and it’s almost so bad that it’s good. If Nicholas Sparks is more your jam, by all means, let out those tears.


  1. Babysit!

Why not give a couple a break that really deserves it? Plus, they’ll probably pay you extra since it’s a holiday. That way, you can use the money to buy yourself a V-Day gift.


  1. Sit with your Emotions

Whether this means laughing or crying, GO FOR IT! There’s not shame in making this holiday whatever you want it to be. Whether it means nothing to you, or it’s a really big deal to you, allow it to be exactly that. Crying can be a huge release for me; read some Rupi Kaur, meditate, listen to my “fuck” playlist; whatever you’re feeling. After you’ve had a good cry, take a sigh of relief and dance it out!


  1. Plan A Trip

I don’t recommend spontaneously buying an expensive plane ticket out of the country (unless you have the means to do so then go for it!), but if there’s a trip you’ve been thinking about for awhile and it feels right, plan it out! Maybe you plan the trip of your dreams and hold off on actually buying the ticket.


  1. Do something your Ex Hated

Friendly reminder that the beauty in being single means you can do whatever you want, so do just that! If your ex hated watching one of your favorite shows or movies, watch it girl! Or, whether you have hard feelings toward them or not, you can name a cockroach after them through El Paso Zoo or just watch the cockroaches be eaten alive…as a tribute to the fuckboys and assholes of the world! You may or may not find a cockroach with my ex’s name in the bunch.


  1. Do yoga

Moving our bodies, especially in a mindful way, can help us connect deeper into ourselves and into how we’re feeling. Physically opening the heart can be such a beautiful gesture, even if it brings any amount of discomfort. There are plenty of V-Day themed yoga class, and Heartbreak classes to go to throughout the city! Check out these two at Yoga Six South Loop: Valentine’s Day Sculpt & Hip Openers & Heartbreak Deep Stretch. If yoga isn’t your jam, attend a SoulCycle, Pilates, or HIIT class!


Things you may want to avoid:


Anything that has to do with your ex.

Don’t text your ex, don’t stalk your ex and his new girlfriend on social media, don’t listen to your songs, don’t look at old photos. Just don’t! Let this be your sign not to, even if you do it the next day or a week from now, make Valentine’s Day about you. Reclaim it as your own.


Being negative to others.

If you want to be a “Negative Nancy” internally about the holiday, that’s on you. If you want to throw an anti-Valentine’s Day Party for you and people that feel the same way about the day, that actually sounds kind of fun. But try your best not to bash the holiday to people that are in happy relationships, or even just to people that are doing their best to remain positive about the day. Good vibes produce good thoughts which produce happy feelings!


Thinking that this day isn’t for you!

It is for you. We all have love in our heart’s, and we all deserve to be loved, especially by ourselves. You are a strong, beautiful, goddess! This holiday is a great opportunity to tell others how grateful we are to have them in our lives, and to celebrate you!


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